9 Nov 2010

Miley makes a surprise visit to a Primary School in Derby

Miley made a surprise appearance at Silverhill Primary School in Derby today, where two of her biggest fans, 10-year-old Abbie Foster and 11-year-old Alysha Boudir, are pupils.

Miley turned up during their school assembly, and all the children had questions for Miley including: “What’s your favourite song?”, “How do you change into Hannah?”, “Are you real?”, “Do you have a boyfriend?” That last question brought lots of giggles around the school hall and the answer “No!

Fans Abbie and Alysha had entered the George at Asda Facebook competition to find Miley’s biggest fan in the UK and had sent in photos of Miley T-shirts they had designed and made themselves.

Only head teacher Kate Nash knew that about the arrangement for Miley to come to the school and meet them in person – so it was a huge shock for everyone when Miley walked into the hall. There were gasps, a look of shock on everyone’s faces … then lots of questions.

Miley told the children: “This is just like my first school in Tennessee.” The main difference was their “cute” accents.
Asked how old she was, Miley said: “I’m 18 in two weeks’ time.” She confirmed she definitely is a “real girl” and revealed the secret of how she turns into Hannah … “magic”.

After lots more questions and singing a song with the kids, Miley had a private meeting in the staff room with Abbie and Alysha and their families. The girls were overcome with emotion and tears flowed as Miley chatted and signed their T-shirts.

The whole school cheered and waved her off before trying to return to normal. The head teacher said keeping the news a secret had been one of the toughest jobs she had – the last celebrity visit to the school was Rammie, the Derby County mascot!

Thanks @NoraCyrus at LoveMiley.Org.

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