30 Apr 2011

Miley Celebrates "World Wish Day"

Such a sweet video <3

Miley granted wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to some of her biggest fans, 14 children with life-threatening medical conditions, in celebration of the upcoming "World Wish Day" on Friday, April 29.

The eager group of wish kids were chauffeured in limos and flown "in style" across the United States and Austria to "Tinsel-town" to meet with the acclaimed singer and actress who begins her Gypsy Heart concert tour on World Wish Day in Quito, Ecuador.

Miley afforded each of her young fans a one-on-one meeting and photo-op where kids sang their favorite Cyrus songs, presented scrapbooks and delivered hand-made gifts to Miley.

Immediately following their highly-anticipated meet-and-greet, Miley's fans were invited by the star to a rehearsal session on the sound-stage.


Gypsy Heart Tour - Quito, Ecuador (Videos)

Miley explains why she was so emotional during Every Rose

"... make it all worth the people that are negative, it's really hard sometimes and you guys are the reasaon I come out here on stage every night so, I want to thank you for always loving me and being here and supporting me and, you guys singing Every Rose really meant a lot to me, so thank you guys so much"

Videos in order of setlist

Liberty Walk and Party In The USA


Kicking and Screaming

End of Kicking and Screaming + Miley says hello to Ecuador.

Joan Jett Medley - I Love Rock N' Roll, Cherrybomb and Bad Reputation

Every Rose

Every Rose

Forgiveness and Love

Fly On The Wall (HQ)

7 Things (HD front row)

7 Things


Cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit (HD)

Can't Be Tamed (upclose HQ)

Can't Be Tamed (HD)


Take Me Along

The Climb

The Climb (HD Front row)

See You Again

My Heart Beats For Love (short clip)

Short clips of Liberty Walk, 7 Things & My Heart Beats For Love (LQ)

Who Owns My Heart (HD)

Only missing Kicking and Screaming, Obsessed and Two More Lonely People.

I will be updating this post throughout the day with the whole set, so keep checking back for more videos/better quality videos as they become available.

Recap: Gyspy Heart Tour Opens In Ecuador!

(click thumbnails to view HQ)

Miley kicked off her Gypsy heart Tour in Quito Ecuador last night (April 29) and looks like it was nothing but a hit with fans and parents alike.
Live tweeting from the show was someone from Ecuadorian newspaper Hoy who kept us updated throughout the whole show with twitpics and the setlist.
You can see all of his twitpics (LQ) here

It was also confirmed Miley's show in San Paulo will be recorded for DVD, so we will all get to see it in a decent quality eventually.

The full setlist for the show went as follows:
Liberty Walk
Party In The USA
Kicking And Screaming
Joan Jett Medley (I Love Rock N' Roll, Cherrybomb and Bad Reputation)
Costume Change
Every Rose
Forgiveness And Love
Costume Change
Fly On The Wall
7 Things
(3?) Cover Songs - One being Nirvana's' Smells Like Teen Spirit'
Can't Be Tamed
Costume Change
Cover of Stevie Nicks's 'Landslide' (Acoustic)
Take Me Along
Two More Lonely People
The Climb
(Encore + Final Costume Change)
See You Again
My Heart Beats For Love
Who Owns My Heart

Check out videos from the night in this post (being updated throughout the day)

Some highlights from the night:

  • Miley said "Thanks, this is the first concert of this tour ... What better place to be."
  • Miley cried during Obsessed - which she said was because she's really happy and the song means a lot to her.
  • The reporter said "Miley is a true star." Fans are VERY pleased with her performances so far!" and that "the parents have the biggest smiles on their faces bc they see their kids having such a blast."
  • Miley said that it's hard being on the road because she misses her family, and her little sister and dedicated her cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit to Noah.
  • at the end of the concert Miley told fans "Its been a great opening show, I've had many good memories here in Quito, some amazing moments, thank you all for such an amazing time"
Miley, her band and dancers all took to twitter after the show to tweet their gratitude to Quito and express what an amazing experience the show was for them -

MileyCyrus: Honestly I can't believe my first show is already over. Amazinnggg. This crowd was beyond incredible. I cried my eyes out. so touched. ILY

AnCaShoRT: What an amazinggggggg experience.. @MileyCyrus you killed it tonight love u girl :o)

melodyLAC: OMG! what an amazing experience! 40,000 people. i was almost in tears listening to that crowd! thank you @sonyatayeh and @MileyCyrus !!!

MileyCyrus: @melodyLAC i love you =] we are all beyondddd blessed. i am so thankful to have all of you in my life x

melodyLAC: @MileyCyrus i'm really in tears now! YOU WERE UNREAL TONIGHT!!!!!!! xoxoxo lila would have been so proud of you!!!


Jtalarico: the opening night was amazing to say the least. i cried a few times. i couldn't be more happy. :)

Jtalarico:@MileyCyrus thank you for yet another special memory! i love you more then words.

mikeschmid: Beautiful, emotional first show. Quito, you were incredible. @mileycyrus you blew our minds. Exhilarating. Does it get any better?!?

MileyCyrus: I can't wait for the next show! LIMA HERE I COME =] You got tough competition ECUADOR was freakingggg amaz!

Miley's next stop is Lima, Peru on Sunday, May 1st. Are you ready Peru?!

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29 Apr 2011

First Video From Miley's Tour Rehearsal!

Rehearsal video.

Also videos from GamaTV. Very LQ videos (if anyone can actually make out what she's saying)

Part 1.

Part 2.

Thanks @oxmileylovexo

28 Apr 2011

New Mileyworld Video

Miley backstage at American Idol last week where she went to offer advice and support to Idol contestant Lauren Alaina, which if you missed you can watch here.

Thanks @milesupdates & @milesmeester

Miley Holds a Press Conference in Ecuador.

Miley at a press conference for her Gypsy Heart Tour in Ecuador this afternoon (April 28).

There was a few live tweets from it, which I've translated best I can:
  • Singing with David Bisbal stands out to Miley as something incredible.
  • With this tour she had more opportunities to visit countries that she has not visited. Miley chose Ecuador/South America because the fans demanded it!
  • Miley says "You have to surround yourself with people who love you as a person and not by what you do"
  • Miley finds it difficult to sing in Spanish, she stayed at school in Spanish class and now is learning again.
  • "I think is very important to care for the earth we live in and do all the care of the planet!"
  • "I have made many U.S. tours and they have been perfect!"
  • Hannah Montana was in the same place and with the same people. Which is not the same peace of mind for the tour!
  • "I am very excited to see my fans, I am very grateful to be here!"
The full interview from the press conference will be in Saturday's Hoy's Daily Life!

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Thanks @mileynewweave &oxmileylovexo for vid.

Miley Interview "Diario el Comercio" (Ecuador)

Miley gives a interview to an Ecuador radio station talking about her tour which she kicks off tomorrow night (April 29) in Quito, Ecuador.
It's difficult to hear what Miley says over the translator, but @ has translated some of it (thankyou!)

Miley said she choose the name Gyspy Heart Tour because ever since she was little her family has always been on the road touring, moving around from place to place, like gypsys & her life really hasn't just been in one solid spot and Gypsy Heart Tour really fit her perfectly. She's always gonna be touring & cant stay in 1 place for a long time.

Miley talked about Billy Ray (I think she said he's in LA right now), her lack of Spanish, and how she doesn't like people knowing her personal life, like for instance who she's dating.
Miley also goes on to say there will never be another Hannah Montana Tour again (which I'm pretty sure was a given anyway).

Thanks @x0lifesgood0x & @miley_JaMS

Miley Surprises Lauren on American Idol

Miley makes a surprise appearance on American Idol last night.
Lauren Alaina was greeted by one of her very own idols. Miley Cyrus surprised the finalist with an impromptu visit during her mentoring session.

Miley told Lauren "The most important thing you can do is just do it for yourself because you will always have mean comments. People will always talk about you and that's never going to change."

E! Online reported that Jimmy Iovine asked the superstar to be a mentor as a result of a remark he'd made earlier in the competition. A few weeks back, Alaina chose to sing Cyrus' hit song "The Climb," which led Iovine to tell the contestant she was "a much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus."


27 Apr 2011

Miley and Tish depart LAX

Miley along with Tish at LAX this afternoon (April 27).
Miley is heading to Ecuador to kick off her Gyspy Heart Tour on Friday!

These pics are seriously so adorable. She's the cutest person ever.

More pics at the source

Miley Lunches with Tish and Noah

Miley heads out to lunch with Mom and Noah yesterday (April 26).
Tish and Noah wearing matching outfits is so cute.

Just 2 more days till Miley kicks off her Gypsy Heart Tour in Ecuador on Friday! Are you all excited?!
Hope all of you lucky enough to be going have the time of your lives!
If any of you want to, feel free to send me your fan videos from any of the concerts to me on twitter (@xtalkischeapx) and I'll post on here, it'd be greatly appreciated by me and of course everyone else :)

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22 Apr 2011

Jessie J Performs 'Party In The USA'

Jessie J, who co-wrote Party In The USA, performed it at a concert last night (April 21).
Jessie also gives Miley a shoutout at the end "Thank-you Miley Cyrus" :)

Thanks @TeamMileyNY

Miley and Family at Casa Vega

Miley along with Billy Ray, Tish and Noah were at Casa Vega in Studio City last night (April 21).

Miley wrapped up her tour rehearsals on Wednesday, and going by tweets from family and friends who got to see it, it's going to be amazing!

Miley kicks off her Gypsy Heart Tour next week in Quito, Ecuador on April 29 and will be having 20 shows across South America, Asia and Australia, finishing off in Perth, Australia on July 2.

Have you all got your tickets? Check out all the tour dates and ticket info on http://www.mileycyrus.com/events/ if you haven't yet.


17 Apr 2011

Miley Meets Fans At Tour Rehearsal

Miley took a picture some of the kids from City Of Hope whom she had invited to a tour rehearsal yesterday, April 16.

CityOfHope: "Today @MileyCyrus invited some of our kids and their families to her rehearsal. It was amazing! All we can say is...Thank you!"

Miley tweeted she's been rocking her piggy tails today whilst "organizing bras" on her day off. Bless her.

"Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love summer time :) http://t.co/DB7WozV"

"What am I doing with my ONE day off you ask? Organizing bras! I am such a loser!"

Source via @msourcenet | @mileycyrus