31 May 2010

Miley is 'Dominical' cover girl

Looking absolutely gorgeous.

Miley AP Interview: "I wrote a song for my gay friend"

While in Madrid promoting her new album, 'Can't Be Tamed,' Miley Cyrus talks about how she has matured as a songwriter and explains why love is at the core of what she does. (May 31)

Miley featured on Spanish News

Miley featured on another news item in Spain

Miley Cyrus El Hormiguero

Miley Cyrus El Hormiguero 5/31/10 Part 1

Part 2 (HQ)

Part 3 (HQ)

Part 4 Miley Cyrus hides her moustache & bushy eyebrows by wearing Shades?

Miley "Heart of.." Spanish Interview with Miley

Telemadrid Interview

Miley in Spain!

Few videos of Miley in Spain, and she even says a few words in spanish.

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Miley presented with "Times Of Our Lives" Spain Platinum Award!

A flawless Miley poses for pictures at a press conference in Madrid today (Mon 31st May) and is presented with a "Times Of Our Lives" Spain Platinum Award!
I can't get over those killer shoes!

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Kristen Stewart "I love The Climb"

[FF 4:15] Kristen Stewart admits to listening to Mileys "The Climb" when asked whats her daggiest pleasure is.
"I love, I just went on a road trip, so I was very much stuck in a car in the middle of the country, with no way out and so like I would put on the climb by Miley. Its not daggy though, it's just something no-one would really expect from me"

Miley in Madrid!

Miley in Madrid today (31st May)

Miley will be heading to London for a Live Lounge session on BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday 3rd June, from 10am. You will be able to listen live from here

Whilst in London, Miley will also be appearing on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 10:35pm on Monday 7th June, which will be pre-recorded on the 3rd.

30 May 2010

Mileys Autograph Signing Session In Portugal

Miley Autograph Session in Portugal 05/30/10

Rock In Rio HQ pics

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Miley Rock In Rio Interview

ALL Rock In Rio concert videos!

Fly on the wall

Can't Be Tamed

The Driveway

See You Again

Party In the USA

When I Look At You

These Four Walls

7 Things


My Heart Beats For Love
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Miley covers Joan Jetts' 'I Love Rock & Roll' live at Rock In Rio


Full Circle "Suprise suprise, it's about a Jonas Brother"
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Kicking & Screaming

Simple Song

Joan Jett/The Runaways Medley - I Love Rock & Roll, Cherry Bomb & Bad Reputation

'I Love Rock & Roll' Live

Miley covers Joan Jetts' 'I Love Rock & Roll' live at Rock In Rio

29 May 2010

Miley 'Full Circle'

Miley performs 'Full Circle' at Rock In Rio "Suprise suprise, it's about a Jonas Brother" Hmm I wonder which one?! ;)

Miley perfroms 'My heart beats for love'

Miley performs 'My Heart Beats For Love' from her new album 'Can't Be Tamed' for the first time at Rock In Rio!

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Miley Performs "ROBOT"

Miley Performs "ROBOT" at Rock In Rio!

Rock In Rio - Who do the fans want to see?!

I think they wanna see Miley/Hannah Montana!

Debbie Reynolds warns Miley not to rush into adulthood

Debbie Reynolds has warned Miley Cyrus not to rush into adulthood.

The veteran actress/singer has claimed that the teenage popstar has made too many controversial moves in order to outgrow her child image.

Reynolds revealed in her weekly advice coloumn in the Globe: "When I was a 16 year old working in Hollywood, I had two very strict parents and a movie studio to protect me. It was a different world in the 1950s.

"Today's young stars can't do anything without the whole world being able to see it. Miley and her family need to be aware of this as she outgrows her child star image."



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The doors have opened at Rock In Rio!

Rock In Rio- The crowds have arrived!