31 Oct 2010

"I'll Always Remember You" clip - Miley reminisces

hannah montana - ill always remember you from daniela nilo on Vimeo.

Miley reminisces on some of her Hannah Montana moments in the new clip from "I'll Always Remember You" premieres on Disney Nov 7th.

You can't say you didn't at
least tear up :'(

HMF "I'll Always Remember You" clip

Hannah &Miley fight.

Hannah takes off the wig.

Airs on Disney Channel in the US on Nov 7th and Nov 12th in the UK!

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30 Oct 2010

Miley offered $100,000 to talk about parents' divorce?

A college website by the name of Room110.com are apparently offering Miley a sum of $100,000 to chat online with their users.

A rep for the site said, “Miley has been through it all and is a great role model for young adults. I know making her a part of the Room110 community and speaking to students about how to work through tough breakups, her parents getting divorced and her various struggles will be very educational.

In the agreement, she must chat online with the community’s user base for a few times a month, for an entire year, take some promo photos for the campaign and visit some schools to talk about her struggles.

I think the timing and the subject matter is too intrusive to be discussed. I honestly don't think she'll accept that particular offer. But it'd be nice for them if she did partake in a discussion with students about other issues at a later stage.


Thanks @SportsneyHaus

What's Miley doing this month?

Just a reminder to what upcoming events Miley will be a part of this month.

Nov 1st Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang" video featuring Miley will premiere on E! News at 7:00pm ET/PT & then again on E! Online at 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT.

Nov 2nd The brand new Hannah Montana DVD "Who Is Hannah Montana" is released. Pre Order here.

Nov 2nd Miley's "Who Owns My Heart" single and music video comes out on USA Itunes

Nov 3rd According to one of Mileys dancers, she will be leaving for Europe.

Nov 6th Miley will be the musical guest on the German TV show "Wetten Dass"

Nov 7th Miley will be performing "Who Owns My Heart" for the first time at the EMA's in Madrid! Miley is also nominated for 2 awards, Best Pop & Best Female so make sure we get her those awards by voting here!

Nov 7th Brand new episode of Hannah Montana Forever "I'll Always Remember You" premieres on Disney Channel in the US on Disney at 8/7C.

Nov 10th Miley starts filming for her next film "So Undercover" in Nashville & New Orleans.

Nov 12th "I'll Always Remember You" premieres in the UK on Disney.

Nov 21st According to Mileys dancer Jen (@jtalarico) Miley will be performing at the American Music Awards!

Nov 23rd Mileys 18th birthday!! Be a part of @MileyCyrusTour's birthday project by going here.

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29 Oct 2010

Miley out with Avan & Anna

Miley out on Tuesday evening (Oct 26th) with friends Avan Jogia and apparently Demi Lovato's best friend, Anna Oliver.

There has been a bit of speculation as to what is on Miley's left arm. Some people think it's a new tattoo, some think it's a henna tattoo.

I hope for the latter, although it may not even be either.


"Who Is Hannah Montana" DVD promo

Hannah Montana Forever "Who is Hannah Montana" DVD Promo. Out Novemeber 2nd!
Pre Order on Amazon for $14.99 here

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28 Oct 2010

Lionsgate picks up 'LOL'

Lionsgate has acquired U.S. distribution rights to coming-of-age comedy "LOL" starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and Ashley Green.

Lionsgate hasn't set a release date for "LOL," an American version of the 2008 French comedy "Laughing Out Loud", but getting the distribution rights is a big step forward, and hopefully we will know more news soon.


Extended "The Big Bang" Trailer

Premieres on Novemeber 1st on E! News & EOnline.

Taylor Swift on working with Miley

You've worked with Miley Cyrus, how is she?

"I love Miley. She is so funny, and is a fantastic working partner. I always laugh at her company. I am rarely with her outside of work as she travels so much. She actually doesn't have a mobile, so you have to communicate with her through e-mail! It's a bit impractical, " laughs Taylor.

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27 Oct 2010

Miley out and about in LA

Miley out and about in LA on Monday & Tuesday this week.

It's just been announced by People Magazine that Mileys parents, Billy Ray & Tish have filed for divorce :(
This comes as quite a shock to me, and no dount to all of you as well. I just hope the whole family is dealing with this ok.
Read more about it here

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26 Oct 2010

Miley & Jen cute rares

Cute rare pics of Miley and her friend/dancer Jen.

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TV Guide Magazine interview on HM's final season

Exclusive interview and set visit with Miley Cyrus! Hannah Montana's FINAL season!

Exclusive set visit with Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Billy Ray Cyrus and Jason Earles! Go behind the scenes with a special issue of TV Guide Magazine for Hannah Montana's final season!

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HMF "I'll Always Remember You" UK Promo

Episode 9 will premiere on Novemeber 5th for those in the UK, 2 days earlier than in the US!

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Updates on "The Big Bang"

Miley Cyrus stars in Rock Mafia's groundbreaking new video for "The Big Bang" - Video debuts worldwide exclusively on E! News, Monday Novemeber 1st at 7:00pm ET/PT

Exclusive online premiere at www.eonline.com immediately following E! News.

The web has been abuzz with speculation over what exactly global pop superstar Miley Cyrus’ next music-related endeavor might be — and only E! News has the unexpected answer!

Viewers can whet their appetites with a 20-second trailer of “The Big Bang” on www.eonline.com throughout the day on Wednesday, October 27 and during E! NEWS at 7:00pm ET/PT & 11:30pm ET/PT that night. Then, Monday, November 1, E! will premiere the highly-anticipated video in its entirety, exclusively on E! NEWS at 7:00pm ET/PT and on www.eonline.com at 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT.

“Rock Mafia is my family and there’s nothing that means more than creating with them,” Cyrus says of her participation in the project. “The video is unique and honestly, was a life changing experience. This song means a lot to me.”

Rock Mafia is a team of writers and producers who have collaborated with Miley Cyrus and scores of other talented recording artists across a wide range of musical genres. The dramatic, movie-like video for “The Big Bang” also features actor Kevin Zegers (“Transamerica”, “Gossip Girl”) and is directed by Doug Aarniokoski.


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Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan Special Promo

Miley Cyrus special this Friday at 9:30pm on the Cosmopolitan channel in Spain.

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25 Oct 2010

24 Oct 2010

'I'll Always Remember You' Clip

"I don't think there can be an us"
Clip from the upcoming hour long special of Hannah Montana Forever.

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Miley in Toluca Lake

Miley was spotted in Toluca Lake yesterday (Oct 23rd) still sporting her favourite new accessory, her bindi.

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Would Selena duet with Miley?

FF 5.53
Selena gets a question from a fan in a radio interview asking if she'd ever do a duet with Justin Bieber or Miley. Check out her response in the video. Although, I'm not quite sure what she's implying with her answer.

Thanks @NoraCyrus

23 Oct 2010

Miley attends Marc Jacobs event

Miley attended a private party held by Marc Jacobs in Savannah, Georgia back on October 14th
Miley has recently been back home in Tennessee for a few days, which I assume is also when she attended the party held in honor of Robert Duffy.

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HMF 'I'll Always Remember You' trailer

Don't know about you, but I know I'm going to crying.

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21 Oct 2010

Miley is coming to Brazil!

Miley's promotional video from SYM (the company that is responsible for bringing her) for her visit to Brazil next year, sometime between April-June.

As we told you earlier in the week, she'll not be stopping off to do a big concert, but will be hosting a private party for a select number of lucky fans.

There are two ways to win tickets to the show. The first is to be raffled after buying branded products. 60 winners will be allowed to bring along 2 friends.

The second is demonstrating your own talent to Miley. Miley will choose three people from the videos uploaded online. The lucky ones will go up on stage and sing her a song.

More details will be posted as soon as we know.

Miley is to perform at the EMA's!

MTV just today announced more A-List talent performances are set for MTV EMA 2010, helping to make the show the biggest and best EMA yet.

Among those performers is Miley Cyrus, who is set to appear in her debut EMA performance live from Madrid on Sunday 7th November.

The teen sensation, now megastar artist Miley Cyrus will be bringing sassy Southern charm to Madrid for her first ever MTV EMA performance.
"I can't wait for the EMAs!" says Miley, "It will be my first performance on this amazing show and the people of Madrid are going to be the best audience ever!"

As we now know Miley will be there, lets do her proud and make sure she gets those awards as well by voting for her as Best Female & Best Pop here

Other performers who will be there include Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Kid Rock, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park, Plan B, and Shakira.
Pauly D, Emily Osment, The Dudesons and Johnny Knoxville will make appearances.

The show will air on MTV around the world from 9pm CET on Sunday 7th Novemeber.

It will also stream live on www.mtvema.com and Facebook from 9pm CET on Sunday 7th November 2010, although live streaming will not be available in the UK.


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19 Oct 2010

Miley is coming to Brazil and touring Europe!!

News is that Santher, the company who is bringing Miley Cyrus to Brazil, gave a press conference to reveal the details of Mileys upcoming promo trip to Brazil.
Those were the main points:
  • Miley visit will be during the first semester of 2011.
  • Miley is coming to promote SYM, a liners and pads brand. The company chose her because, like their clients, Miley is doing the transition from "young teen" to "woman". The campaign isn't targeted to Hannah Montana viewers but older girls, between 15 and 19 years old.
  • Her visit will include a huge party (hence the Festa no Brazil, Party in Brazil, videos) in which she'll do a small concert for promotion winners. Sixty girls will be selected to go to the party and they can bring friends.
  • Miley will be interrupting her EUROPEAN TOUR to come to Brazil. This means SHE WILL BE TOURING IN 2011.
  • Her visit is a partnership between Santher, the company that owns the SYM brand, and Google Latin America. Fans will be able to see lots and lots of videos of her visit via Youtube, which is part of Google.
  • The visit will only last two days (and she'll go back to Europe to continue the tour). It'll happen between April 30th and June 15th (the exact date will be confirmed soon).
  • The fact she won't be doing any concert in Brazil during her visit is a bummer for Brazilian fans. The good news is Brazil is one of the most enthusiastic markets when it comes to Miley and her management is giving priority to the country. So Brazilian fans can expect her to come to Brazil more times during the year.
  • Starting November 1st, fans can upload videos of them performing Miley songs to Youtube. Miley herself will upload responses to the videos. The three most viewed videos will perform live to her.
  • A bunch of exclusive videos of her were shown during the press conference. Those videos will be uploaded soon to Youtube.
Sad for Brazil that they won't get a public concert, but hopefully the rumors of the Rock In Rio in 2011 will turn out to be true for you guys!
But, awesome news for European fans!

Thanks MileyBr, UOL and Veja & AnythingDisney

18 Oct 2010

Hilary Duff defends Miley

FF 1.25-3.12
Hilary Duff did a radio interview recently and talks quite a bit about being a young star in the industry. She also talks about the sort of restrictions she'd face about what clothes she could wear from when she was with Disney, and how difficult it is for young stars like Miley Cyrus.

"I thinks it's a really difficult business to navigate through, and become who you wanna be and live your life, we're just human at the same time and I think they're doing a good job, I can't imagine what its like for them now"

Thanks @NoraCyrus

HMF 'I'll Always Remember You' promo

Exclusive promo for the new hour long special of Hannah Montana "I'll Always Remember You" premiering November 7th, where its pretty obvious Hannah is going to reveal her true identity as she fully removes her wig in this clip.

Credit Disneystuff101 on YT.

17 Oct 2010

Miley & Avan Jogia + confronting paps

Miley was out and about in Beverly Hills on Oct 16th with male friend Avan Jogia, who you may know from Nickelodeon’s show, Victorious.

Suprised they are hanging out, never would have guessed they were friends.
Also not really feeling Miley's bindi to be honest. Kinda wierd.

In the video, Miley confronts some photogs again, as she feels they were driving dangerously, and told them she called the police.
I think she has every right to step in if she feels she is being put in danger, and she did so politley and calmly, no fuss.

Source (16 pics)

Thanks @missing2much for vid

New Hannah Montana Forever Promo

Hannah Montana Forever Promo.
Looks like Hannah finally tells Jesse that she is in fact Hannah!

Thanks @dennicemarin

14 Oct 2010

Demi defends Miley

FF 2 mins.
Access Hollywood caught up with Demi at the AMA nomination press conference.
The interviewer barely gets a word in edgeways, as she tries to get Demi to comment on what she thinks of Miley recently "getting into trouble with fans and the parents tv council" for her Who Owns My Heart video.

"Miley has tried to breakaway..."
"She's my bestfriend, so you best watch out"
"I think she looks stunning and I will defend her 100% for the rest of my life"
"So you don't think she's....what's the word they're using.."
"Like I said, she's my best friend and I'll defend her for the rest of my life"

Love their friendship so much!

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Miley singing Party In The USA in Portugese!

Mileys videographer Alison teaching Miley how to sing Party In The USA in Portugese.

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E! News - Celebs Fight Back at Paps

Miley featured on E! News segment about celebs who have recently fought back at the paps.

13 Oct 2010

Miley in 'Top 40 highest grossing stars under 40'

Entertainment Weekly
has announced their “Top 40 Highest Grossing Stars under 40″ in which Miley came in at #20!

Others who came into the list include Dakota Fanning at #31 followed by Zac Efron at #29. Kristen Stewart is just ahead of Miley at #19. Shia LaBeouf comes in at #7 followed by Rob Pattinson at #5. Jayden Smith comes in at #4, while Taylor Lautner takes the #3 spot and Daniel Radcliffe #2. Sam Worthington takes the #1 place.

View full list here

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Demi will defend Miley "until the day she dies"

Demi defends the attention Miley's getting for her new music video on E! News.
They asked Demi if she thought parents were being too harsh on Miley to which Demi responded that she was her best friend and she would defend her until the day that she dies.

Thanks @Lgreene89 & @MileyLiamLove

Smiley Miley in Toluca Lake

Miley out in Toluca Lake today (Oct 13th) looking very smiley
Miley was spotted donating clothes to a womans shelter and at vintage store, Wasteland Clothing.

Source (+ more pics)
Thanks @MileyResourceUK

Miley confronting pap video

Miley confronting the paparazzi yesterday in Toluca Lake.
She tells the woman to stop filming her as she had told Miley she wasn't going to film.
"Can you not film me, I will call the police on you. You said you weren't going to film me, thats really rude"
Miley is upset that the pap continued to film Noah, who is only 10, and that she is being rude and disprespectful.
"I'm asking you not to film her. It's a 10 yr old"
"You could not be any more disprespectful and rude [...] Have some class dude c'mon"

Thanks @mileyonlinefr

New/old Miley & Demi & Chloe

New/old photo of Demi Lovato and friends Miley Cyrus, Chloe Bridges, Anna and Keith. This is obviously an old pic as their hair is so much different now. It is most likely from when Chloe tweeted earlier this year that she was hanging out with Demi and “@Mileydoesnttweet”.

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12 Oct 2010

Miley confronts paparazzi again

Miley confronts a female paparazzo today in Toluca Lake.
Miley even goes as far as pulling the camera down from the woman.

I'm glad Miley puts her foot down and confronts them from time to time as they need to be put in their place. Miley is normally pretty chill with them, but this isn't the first time she's had to step in and tell them to presumably "back off".

Source (+ 17 pics) Thanks @NoraCyrus