27 Feb 2010

Bret Michaels not apologizing for ‘Nothin’ to Lose’ ft. Miley Cyrus

Bret Michaels says he has nothin' to apologize for about "Nothing To Lose," his new song featuring Miley Cyrus. In the country-rock ballad that went online Thursday, Cyrus, 17, harmonizes as Michaels, 46, croons about a bad romance: "We both know better than this/Still we can't resist/Slowly get undressed." In the sensual chorus, they sing together: "Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe."

In an exclusive interview Friday, Michaels tells USMagazine he's gotten "75 texts" about the scandal that blazed the web late Thursday. "I was like, 'What the f*ck is going on?' Everyone's going nuts!"

Miley wanted to remake his gritty classic "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" for her next album, with the elder rocker as her producer. When the teen phenom recorded "Rose" in a New York studio with her mother Tish standing by, Michaels played them "Nothin' to Lose" during a break.

What about, you know, that "slowly get undressed" stuff? "I never sat down and said, 'Look at the content. Look at the lyrical content,'" Michaels admits.

In his defense, he adds that "the part where it says she slowly gets undressed, Miley says, 'Yeah she does.' It has no reference to her and I. It's not even a duet."

"As God is my witness, there is nothing I have to be defensive about," he says. "I'm a good Dad. I just thought it was a beautiful song. "

He adds that he and Cyrus are mutual fans of each other. "Her first concert ever was Poison. Now I take my kids and they go see her play. It's awesome!"

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25 Feb 2010

Hannah Montana Season Finale Stills

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The Last Song - Behind The Scenes

Watch more Moviefone videos on AOL Video

The Last Song cast & crew praise Mileys performance and talent in the movie, and Nicholas Sparks confirms 'The Last Song' was written for Miley in mind.
There are also some unseen/extended clips.

This has me so antsy to see the film, more so than ever now!
Counting down the days :D

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Bret Michaels Ft Miley Cyrus - Nothing To Lose

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23 Feb 2010

New Miley Get Ur Good On PSA

Miley explains why she gets her good on. Join her and Get Ur Good On too at www.geturgoodon.org.

22 Feb 2010

Miley - One of 25 most crushable stars under 25

Crushable presents their first-ever roundup of the boldest, brightest, coolest girls in Hollywood
The list includes the likes of Miley Cyrus 17, Taylor Swift 20, Megan Fox 23, Lea Michele 23, Kristen Stewart 19, & Selena Gomez 17.
Heres what they had to say about Miley.

Miley Cyrus, 17
Miley is finally shedding her Hannah Montana alter-ego and her liberation is coming not a moment too soon. Miley’s pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards last August signaled that she wouldn’t last under the family-friendly Disney regime for much longer. Once Hannah Montana wraps next year, we can’t wait to see what a less censored Miley has planned. For now, we know for sure that she’s starring in the upcoming movie The Last Song with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Also, we still can’t get “Party in the U.S.A.” out of our heads.

Check out the full list here

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The Last Song Tracklisting

The Last Song soundtrack listings. Miley has two featured songs on the soundtrack.

1. OneRepublic “Tyrant”
2. VHS or Beta “ Bring On The Comets”
3. Eskimo Joe “Setting Sun”
4. Miley Cyrus “When I Look At You”
5. The Paper Raincoat "Brooklyn Blurs"
6. Ra Ra Riot “Can You Tell”
7. Jose Gonzales “Down The Line”
8. Iron & Wine “Each Coming Night”
9. Miley Cyrus “I Hope You Find It”
10.Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”
11.Alpha Rev “New Morning”
12.Edwin McCain “Broke Down Hearted Wonderland”
13.Allstar Weekend “A Different Side of Me”
14.Valora “No Matter What"
15.The Ravonettes “Heart Of Stone”
16.Aaron Zigman "Steve's Theme"

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Miley Says Goodbye Promo


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Miley Nominated For Annual Young Artist Awards

The nominees for the 31st Annual Young Artist Awards have just been announced. Making the list are some familiar names like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez.

The annual awards will take place on
Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Beverly Garland in Studio City, CA.

Miley is nominated

Leading Young Actress
Valentina Barron

Cassandra Sawtell

Ryan Newman

Miley Cyrus

Miranda Cosgrove


“Harper’s Island”

“Zeke and Luther”

Hannah Montana


Full list of Nominees here

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21 Feb 2010

Miley & Mate Head To Studio

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Miley and Mate, (who is getting huge!) head to the studio in Santa Monica, on Saturday afternoon (February 20).

Voting has now opened for the 2010 Kids Choice Awards, and you can vote here. Voting is unlimted, so vote as often as you can!

Don't forget, tonight is the world premiere of 'When I Look At You' music video on ABC Family.

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Miley & Jonas Brothers "Selling Sex"?

Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers selling sex discussed on The Today Show: "They're selling sex with a certain amount of deniability. It's not too overly sexy, but it is definitely still sexual music.. The Jonas Brothers are selling themselves as sexual beings".

Do you agree?

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20 Feb 2010

NEW Hannah Montana Season 4 Photo

New Hannah Montana Season 4 promo pic

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Miley Loves Junk Food!

Miley dished to the new issue of Tiger Beat what makes her just a 'normal girl':
"I love junk food. I allow myself to eat it pretty often. My family and I love this place called Yogurt Tree. I usually get fruit and jelly beans. My yogurt will start healthy then I cancel it out."

Miley doesn't blow her Hannah Montana money on clothes: "I am the most frugal person. I think Forever 21 and Wal-Mart have cute stuff.' She still gets disciplined by her parents! "I got grounded for yelling at my mom about school. I wrote a song, 'I'm about to get grounded right?' and gave it to my mom. It made everything better."

Justin Gaston Doesn't Rule Out Miley Duet

Justin Gaston has revealed that he is keen to record a duet with his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

The underwear model, who dated Cyrus for nine months until June 2009, admitted that he would happily record a song with his former flame.

"Ah sure. In the future, if it's a great song then why not," he told MTV.

Gaston claimed that the pair could re-record Cyrus' single 'The Climb' and re-name it 'The Climb Part 5... Million'.

While, Justin is willing to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, we can't ever forget that Miley and ex-beau Nick did record that song "Before the Storm" together. So, we hold out hope that Justin's debut will contain a similar track.

Source MTV

Wonderworld Tour DVD Menu

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'When I Look At You' Official Music Video - Final Cut.

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17 Feb 2010

Selena Gomez -"Mileys Ready For Life After Hannah Montana"

Selena Gomez puts her two cents into what she has to say about how Miley is finally coming to the end of Hannah Montana.

From MTV - Fellow Disney star Selena Gomez said her colleague is just ready to move on to bigger and more mature things, even if her fans will feel the void left by her decision to end the show.

"I think that she's growing with the show, and I think it's such a great platform for her," Gomez told MTV News, adding that she has yet to talk to Cyrus about her post-"Hannah Montana" plans. "And she's lived up to it as wonderfully as she could, and I think she continues to carry it, but she's ready for other things."

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15 Feb 2010

'7 Things' One Of Youtubes Success Stories.

Youtube celebrates its 5th birthday today and as it stands, Mileys 7 Things music video is the 3rd most viewed video ever at 110 million+ views.
Party in the USA also racks up high on the list at 85,417,506+ views since only September 2009.

Source Guardian

MTV Hollywood's Make-ups, Break-ups & Hook-ups. Niley/Miam

Gotta love Joes word vomit.

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Miley up for 4 KCA's

Miley has been nominated for 4 KCA at next months Kids Choice Awards. The 2010 Kid's Choice Awards will be televised on Saturday, March 27 at 8PM ET live from Pauley Pavilion at UCLA on Nickleodeon.
Here are her nominations ;

Favorite TV Actress
Miranda Cosgrove
Miley Cyrus
Selena Gomez
Keke Palmer

Favorite Female Singer
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Favorite Song
I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
Paparazzi, Lady Gaga
Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus
You Belong with Me, Taylor Swift

Favorite Movie Actress
Sandra Bullock
Miley Cyrus
Megan Fox
Zoe Saldana

View the full list of nominations here

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14 Feb 2010

The Media Bullies Miley.

Miley Cyrus thinks the media "bullies" her.

The 17-year-old singer-and-actress claims she is often the focus of "nasty" news reports, and has compared it to schoolyard bullying. Miley is now used to dealing with the "cruel" comments, but admits it is still upsetting to read "horrible" gossip about herself.

"The nasty things people write about me is a different form of bullying, but sometimes it feels like I'm right back at school," Miley explained. "It's horrible when you see nasty things written about you, especially when so much of it is made up.

"People see me differently because I'm in the public eye. They see me on TV and think that nothing like bullying has happened in my life, but it has."

Miley says focusing on her successful career helps her cope with the unfounded gossip. Every time she reads something negative about herself, she just thinks about all the good things that have happened to her which makes her feel immediately better.

"I get through bullying by focusing on my dreams. When I see nasty things written about me, I just think about all the positive things in my life," she told Top of the Pops magazine. "I focus on my work and I think to myself, next week, I'm going to London, Paris or Italy. Just think about whatever makes you happy."

Source Stuff.co.nz