24 Jun 2010

New Mileyworld Videos

Backstage @ HOB

Billy Ray & Miley @HOB.

Can't Be Tamed - Album is out.

Every Rose live.

House of Blues.

Miley live @ HOB.

Walking To stage - Rio.

Miley comes home.

An exhausted looking Miley arrives back at LAX (23rd June)
Girl really needs some rest, she hasn't stopped!
Make sure you all go out and buy 'Can't Be Tamed' to support Miley, she's put in ALOT of hard work for us :)


MSN Interview

MSN interview, recorded when Miley was in the UK. Talks about the message she wants to put across with this album, and the usual question about Hannah Montana and fans.

23 Jun 2010

Miley & Taylor Swift backstage at Nashville Rising

Miley and Taylor Swift (amongst other artists) backstage at Nashville Rising last night (22nd June)

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Miley performs The Climb at Nashville Rising Concert

Miley performs The Climb at Nashville Rising concert on June 22 benefiting those who were affected by the devastating Nashville flood in May.

22 Jun 2010

Miley House of Blues HQ pics

Miley rocks out at the House Of Blues last night in Hollywood to promote her album 'Can't Be Tamed' and puts on one hell of a show.

Have you bought your copy yet?

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Helen Mirren Praises 'Sexual' Stars Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga & Scarlett Johansson

Helen Mirren has heaped praise on controversial pop stars Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus - insisting she is "thrilled" young girls are embracing their sexuality.

Mirren admits she struggled to use her own sexuality as leverage early on in her career, until her scandalous role in films like 1969's "Age of Consent" in which she stripped as the teenage muse of an older painter.

And she's happy to have paved the way for contemporary actresses and music artists.

She tells New York Magazine, "I much prefer overt sexuality to sleazy, vulgar prurience...I was kind of a trailblazer because I demanded to do it my own way. I'd say, 'I'm not having it put on me by someone else...'

"I'm thrilled young girls are claiming their sexuality for themselves. I love bold women: Madonna and Scarlett Johansson - sexy and gorgeous, but not only that. And Miley Cyrus - fantastic! And Lady Gaga. I love the way she's elevated pop to performance art, or dragged performance art down to pop, or maybe made a wonderful amalgam of the two."


E! News covers Mileys latest outfit choices

Teen queen Miley Cyrus' latest costume choice sparks more controversy. Are her outfits too sexy? Take a look.

Miley Cyrus' racy getups at the MuchMusic Awards have landed her in hot water once again. Get the details.

Miley fans can't be tamed!

Miley Cyrus took over the Internet on Monday night, when MTV live-streamed her live performance of six songs from her new album, Can't Be Tamed.

Kelly Rindonde, a fan who traveled all the way from Philadelphia for the show, is enjoying the new Cyrus. "She's all grown up," she told MTV News after the show. "She definitely gave us a new side of Miley that was really exciting."

"I like all her new music; it's really a bit edgier," Steven Mango agreed. "It's really showing her personality break from Disney and everything."

"Her dancing [is] something Michael Jackson would probably be impressed by," Alex Satlan observed.

Tetris Kelly said Cyrus' performance was reminiscent of another contemporary artist, particularly during a cover that wasn't aired in the live stream. "By far my favorite moment of the show tonight was when she did 'I Love Rock 'n Roll,' because, to me, it was a tip off to Britney ... and that's why I like Miley. She's like the new age Britney."

"We expected something that was going to be raunchy," Pam Giannino said. "Everybody's been putting the hype up, 'Don't go to this because she's going to be provocative.' It wasn't. It was pretty awesome. She did a really good job."


'Can't Be Tamed' Release Party Live at House Of Blues!

Can't Be Tamed

Who Owns My Heart.

Liberty Walk.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn.


My Heart Beats For Love.

Two More Lonely People.

Party In The USA.

Joan Jett Medley- I Love Rock n' Roll, Cherry Bomb & Bad Reputation.

Thanks @MileyLiamClub & @NoraCyrus

21 Jun 2010

Paparazzi go crazy at LAX for Miley

Miley keeps her head down and clung to Liam as she makes her way through LAX, overwhemled by the paparazzi.

Miley arrives back at LAX

Miley & Liam arrive back in LA (21st June) and are met by crowds of paparazzi.

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Miley departs Toronto

Miley departs Toronto after hosting the MMVA's last night (21st June)
Mileys album 'Can't Be Tamed' was officially released today at most stores (some ie. Walmart not till Tuesday) & iTunes! Don't forget to pick up your copy and help make Miley #1!

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Miley backstage GMA

FF 2mins
Miley talks about her tattoo. She also tells us that Liam is her best friend and she is listening to The Runaways & Joan Jett on her iPod & her fav song is Cherry Bomb or Bad Reputation.

Miley at MMVA picspam

Miley debuts her extension free hair and goes through countless costume changes at MMVA's!

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