30 Nov 2010

Miley in 3D!

Short clip of Miley from her 'Can't Be Tamed' video, in 3D! Just put on your 3D glasses to see it! (You can all use yours from BOBW dvd ;) )

Thanks @MileySweden

29 Nov 2010

Miley & friends at Panera Bread

Miley along with a couple of friends was pictured at Panera Bread in Studio City on Sunday (Nov 28th).

Not really feeling that outfit to be honest.

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28 Nov 2010

Miley gives the thumbs up

A few cute candids of Miley yesterday (Nov 27th) in Toluca Lake, flashing the peace sign and giving the thumbs up.


27 Nov 2010

New pics of Miley at the Gun Range

New pics from when Miley visted the Gun Range last week (Nov 18th) in preparation for her role in "So Undercover" which is due to start filming next month.
Her facial expressions are too cute!

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Miley wears a fans birthday gift to her.

Miley fan Amber Keanna (@AmberKeanna pictured above with Miley. Amber previously met Miley the day after The Last Song Premiere in Toluca Lake) sent Miley some beautiful jewellery for her 18th Birthday. Amber obviously hand picked these gifts for Miley perfectly as she got the best gift back; in the form of Miley pictured wearing it yesterday!

Amber was obviously excited to say the least as she tweeted:

"happy birthday Miley! My gift to her, not much but I wasn't 100% sure she'd even get it http://twitpic.com/3ajs0g"

So sweet of Amber...and Miley for wearing it.
#Mamber ;)

Thanks @amberkeanna & @LoveLiveMiley

Miley & Mom pre weekend pampering

Miley and her mom Tish, whom are both looking beautiful, did some mother/daughter bonding together yesterday (Nov 26th) They visited the nail salon and later had lunch.

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26 Nov 2010

Miley interactive Brazillian Sym video

Interactive video as part of Mileys promo for her trip to Brazil next year with Sym.

At the end of the video click on one of the team logos to be directed to another video from Miley supporting your fav Brazillian team!

Thanks @lovemileyorg

Mandy Jiroux: "I look up to Miley"

Mandy told J-14, "We don’t see each other as often as we used to because every day was, ‘Let’s sleepover! Let’s do this!’ We’ve both been super busy. I’m super busy with the girls, and I see them all the time, and she’s doing her own thing, but we keep in touch. She actually invited us to her 18th birthday bash!"

She has spoken with Miley since her parents announced their divorce and she says Miley is dealing with it fine. "I’ve just talked to her about other things, and she just seems fine. She’s a really strong girl. She has great siblings around her. They’re dealing with it just fine."

She goes on to talk about how she looks up to Miley. "Working with Miley was a dream come true for me because growing up as a dancer, the main thing is to go on a tour with a huge artist. It was amazing. As a music artist now, I just look up to her because she’s the most hardworking girl in the world, and because she’s so hardworking and passionate, she is who she is. No matter how tough the day is, work comes first, and you should feel blessed every moment you’re doing it."


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More AMA videos

Miley interviewed for the Ellen show. This whole video is fun. Miley helps the contest winner out with her "first kiss" (jealous!)

In this interview, Miley talks about the choice behind her dress for the event, her tattoo on her pinky that both her & her mom got, her birthday wishes, why her mom is her inspriration and how much she loves Bruno Mars' song "Just The Way You Are"

Short interview on the red carpet and Miley posing for the photogs. Wow, they're demanding.

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25 Nov 2010

Miley AMA interview with Ross

FF -4.12
Ross Mathews from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was out and about on the Red Carpet at the AMA's on Sunday. He caught up with Miley, chatted about her shoes & dress..but was more interested in Mileys wardrobe guy whom she calls "my main gay". I think Ross wanted the job!
Ross also got her to sing in his song "Whenever Ross Says Hello" (FF -1mins).

Thanks @milesfan19 & @LoveLiveMiley

24 Nov 2010

Willow Smith listens to Miley

What's in your ipod right now? "Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Billy Idol, B.o.B, Eminem, Tupcac"

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Mike Posner not dating Miley

Mike says "Miley Cyrus and I are just good friends." "She's a cute girl"
also tells PopEater , “We’re not dating. “She’s a nice girl, but I’m 22 and a half."

Dolly Parton talks to Larry King about Miley

Dolly Parton talks about Miley's "risque outfits and raunchy dancing" with Larry King.
Dolly says "Miley is very special [...] she's in a crosswind trying to overcome the Hannah Montana little girl, and becoming a woman"
"She's going to be just fine [...] we should just let her grow up"

Studio City Birthday Babe

Celebrating her 18th birthday, Miley was spotted out and about in Studio City, California last night (November 23).

She was reportedly joined by her on-again-off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth (not pictured).

The source also says Taylor Swift tweeted her "Happy Birthday Miley. Your 18 [sic]. Not 21. Just remember that. :-)" but it was actually a fake twitter.


Thanks @MileyResourceUK & @apogeum

Miley receives flowers & balloons for birthday

Pics of flowers and balloons were snapped en route to Mileys home in Toluca Lake yesterday (Nov 23rd) for her birthday.

Plus a new/old pic of Miley with Ryan Dunn from Jackass & Viva La Bam.

Thanks @NoraCyrus & @beautifulballad

HMF "Can You See The Real Me?" clips

2 clips from the upcoming episode of Hannah Montana Forever "Can You See The Real Me?" premiering on Disney Channel, December 5th.

In this episode Miley gives her first interview as Miley Stewart after revealing herself to the world as Hannah Montana.

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