30 Sep 2010

E! News - Miley bombarded by paps & Hannah/Iyaz exclusive

FF 0:55
Miley was bombarded by paps on tuesday after getting lunch at The Newsroom Cafe.
Also a sneak peak at the upcoming Hannah Montana Forver episode featuring Iyaz!

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Hannah Montana SKY Magazine

Interview with Miley in Octobers SKY magazine.
Click to read in full size.

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Miley & Jen in LA

Miley and her friend Jen (also her dancer) in LA today (Sept 30th)

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29 Sep 2010

Miley hounded by paps

Miley is hounded by paps whilst out yesterday in LA (Sept 28th)

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Miley: Newsroom Cafe Chaos

Miley yesterday (Sept 28th) at the Newsroom Cafe.
Video below of her being hounded by paps again :(

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28 Sep 2010

Hannah's Gonna Get this official preview

Preview of Hannah Montana Forever episode 8: Hannah's Gonna Get This. Guest Starring Iyaz.

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Miley shops vintage

Miley keeps herself cool in the Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (September 27).

The 17-year-old actress was spotted heading into Chuck’s Vintage Store on Melrose for a little retail therapy.

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Miley Inks It Pink

New Miley blog on GetUrGoodOn.
Post an autograph in pink to www.sharpieuncapped.com and for every pink autograph posted to the site, Sharpie will donate $1 to City Of Hope's work to fight breast cancer.

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Miley 'Another Life (See You)' FULL

Full verison of the unreleased Miley song 'Another Life (See You)'
I really love this, it's kind of a refreshing sound compared to the Can't Be Tamed sound.

25 Sep 2010

Mileys video on CNN

Miley posts new video

Miley uploaded a video to her youtube earlier of her cousin Emily Grace Reaves, making some strange cricket noise.
Feeling bored Miley?! Haha, love her randomness.

Miley records with Mileyworld winner!

Mileyword contest winner Amy Colalella gets to spend the day with Miley in the studio, and records Mileys song Right Here.

Listen to the full recording of Right Here by Amy, complete with amazing pics of her & Miley in the studio

New song snippet: Another Life (See You)

Another snippet of an unreleased song from Miley entitled Another Life (See You).
Apparently it was recorded a few years back for the Meet Miley Cyrus album.

Grandma dances to Miley!

At a recent football game a grandmother was filmed dancing to Mileys' Party In The USA!

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23 Sep 2010

Miley floral fun

Miley heading to the studio in Toluca Lake, California yesterday (Sept 22nd) wearing a really cute floral dress and killer shoes.

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22 Sep 2010

New Miley Youtube Video!!

Miley uploaded a new video entitled "Everything" on her Youtube clearing up all the recent rumors, and reminding us of how much she loves all us Smilers!

She introduces us to Brandi's dog Feather, who also doubles up as Mates "girlfriend" whom are both so cute.

1) Miley tells us that she is NOT getting engaged/married, and that she is too driven with her work, doesn't plan on it anytime soon, and she is too young,
2) She is not living with anyone either, except her family, in her family home.
3) Another rumor about her "getting escorted by the cops" was completley false too, Miley tells us she called the cops as the paparazzi were making her nervous while she was driving and were all up in her face.
4) She is not getting a boob job!

She also want the fans to know that she only looks upset in pictures because she is constantly being followed by paparazzi who are, strangers, she doesn't know these people, and she wants to enjoy going to beautiful places, but being followed doesn't make it easy.

Miley also talked about the EMA nominations, and is suggested by how she talks about the award show, that she may be there, but that is NOT confirmed.

"I love my fans, I'm still the same person I'm just living life and learning...I'm figuring out who am I that is through a ton of different stages and a ton of different things and mistakes and experiences, thats how I relate to you guys, I'm just like y'all!" - Miley

Miley & Liam arrive at LAX

Miley & Liam arrive at LAX yesterday afternoon (Sept 21st)
They had been spending a few days away in Mileys hometown, Nashville, TN.

Glad Miley had a few days away from they mayhem she had been going through with the paps, shame it was only such a short trip though.


19 Sep 2010

17 Sep 2010

Giving You Up - Extended Preview

Mileys "Giving you Up" extended preview.
So pretty.
It is tagged all the way through, which is annoying, but it's better than nothing!
Update: It's not the full song, as the full song is 4:30, but more of a longer preview shall we say.

Download here

It's not written by Miley, it is a cover of Amy Belle "Giving You Up" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrnzLaIEm7s

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Miley films a commercial

Miley was getting down to work on a new project yesterday afternoon(Sept 16th), filming a commercial in Los Angeles.

Miley was joined by her mother Tish & joked around with her makeup artist in between takes as the paparazzi looked on.