25 Feb 2011

New Mileyworld Video

Miley uploaded a new video to say thanks to her fans for her KCA nominations.
She reminisces on 2008's KCA award show (I think she forgot about attending last year!) and shows off her previous KCA awards (which double up as kaleidoscopes).
Miley making Lyla give "kisses" to the fans at the end is too adorable.

You can vote for Miley when voting begins on March 7th on Nick.com

Miley in Haiti

New pics of Miley in Haiti.
Miley is in Haiti with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring the gift of hearing to about 200 Haitian children.

How precious is that picture of the girl with the Hannah Montana backpack?!

Today (Feb 25th) Miley had a meeting sponsored by Digicel (a mobile phone network provider in Haiti) where she signed autographs for her fans.

Even Perez Hilton has had something nice to say about Miley and her good doing "
It's so lovely of her, especially given her current family drama, to be giving back like this!"

You can keep up with all Miley's work in Haiti here.

Thanks @disneyinfonet & @OhSoNiley @NoraCyrus

24 Feb 2011

Miley In Haiti!

"The SHF team and Miley made it safely into Haiti late last night with enough energy to smile for the camera!"


23 Feb 2011

Miley Is Off To Haiti with Sean Penn!

Miley is heading to Haiti and looks as if it will be with Sean Penn!
Not too sure how long she will be there, she is apparently due back in NYC for SNL rehearsals this weekend for the week before her hosting on Saturday 5th March.

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Miley Went Bowling With Nick Jonas?!

There's alot of rumours flying around regarding Miley and Nick bowling, so just trying to clear things up.
According to several witnesses Miley was spotted bowling at Pickwick on Sunday evening with Nick Jonas.
All of them say they were there around 11:00pm with Big Rob, who refused to let anyone take any pics of them together.
The guy got the fan picture with Miley and said that Nick was there too, but didn't say hello.
All of them have similar stories, so as far as I'm concerned, this is true. I don't see any reason for a grown man to lie about it.
And before those rumors start,
this by no means, means they're dating. Let's just enjoy them being friends :)

22 Feb 2011

Miley Dances To A Brazillian Song

Miley dances to a Brazillian song called "Rebolation" in a new Sym video as part of her promotion for her going to Brazil.

Thanks @x0lifesgoodx0 & @LoveHeartMiley

Miley Gets Her Dance On

Keeping up on her stage-stepping abilities, Miley was spotted out for a dance class in Los Angeles, California on Monday afternoon (February 21).

Miley had her hands full with sneakers, paperwork, a bottled water and her cell phone while dressed in blue shorts and a t-shirt for the week-beginning footwork lessons.


21 Feb 2011

Miley Leaving Friends House

Miley was seen leaving a friends house in Los Feliz yesterday wearing a Willie Nelson shirt (Feb 20th).
Miley was spotted later that evening at a bowling alley (pic in previous post).

Thanks @beautifulballad

Miley Fan Pic

Miley at what looks to be at a bowling alley again last night (Feb 20th).
Look at that adorable face!

Thanks @MusicalMate

20 Feb 2011

New/Old Pics from GetUrGoodOn

New/Old photos from Mileys 2009 GetUrGoodOn photoshoot
You can view black&white versions of these photos too at the source

19 Feb 2011

Paparazzi Being Rude To Miley

Miley gets (rightfully) angry at paparazzi following her yesterday in Toluca Lake (Feb 18th).

The rude pap keeps asking her if she has any comments about recent claims her dad has made, to which Miley tells him "No, but I do have a comment.. I got down all your license numbers and my security's on it right now. You guys are just completely inappropriate."

The rude pap even calls the woman in the vid an "asshole" and a "f*cking bitch" after she tries to block the pap and tell him to "leave the poor girl alone".

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