31 Aug 2010

Miley out & about in New York

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Miley out and about in New York today (Aug 31st)

Miley is in New York as she is partaking in Justin Bieber's 3D movie alongside other artists such as Kanye West, Ludacris, Usher, Jaden Smith, Boyz2Men and many more, which is filming today in Madison Square Garden.

Are you excited that Miley will be a part of Justins movie?


30 Aug 2010

Smiley Miley heads through JFK

A very smiley Miley heads through JFK airport in New York earlier today with Mom Tish.
Miley has been spotted in Madison Square Garden today, where Justin Bieber is filming his 3D movie.
Looks like there maybe a cameo from Miley in there!


Justin Bieber thinks Miley would make the perfect Sandy in Grease

(How it could look! LOL)

The Somebody To Love singer believes he is the ideal person to fill John Travolta's shoes and take on the role of Danny if a new version of the movie is ever made.

And he told the Sun he already has an idea of who he wants to star as Danny's love interest Sandy.

"I would go for Miley Cyrus without hesitation. She can sing, dance and act," the 16-year-old said.

What do you make of the idea of Miley and Justin in a re-make of Grease? Is Miley the perfect Sandy and is Justin the perfect Danny or would you prefer someone else?


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Ryan Cabrera sings Party in the USA

FF 5:09

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Miley praises Christina Aguilera

Miley commented on Christina Aguilera's originality during her MTV Hits show called ‘Miley’s Top 50 A List After Party Tunes‘ and had this to say;

"I love Xtina and I love her new video Not Myself Tonight. I love that she’s always stepping out of the box and I think people talk about her but only because we’re so infatuated with her because she is the original, she’s the one who started it all so actually she didn’t copy anyone, other people copy Xtina!

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29 Aug 2010

New Miley & Max

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The new items range from infinity scarves, fringe purses, gladiator sandals, western shirts, long sleeved pocket shirts, whatever the fuck that red thing is, metallic tank tops, military jackets, sweatpants, and the classic graphic tees.

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Miley shopping & possible secret live show?

Miley has been out shopping for jewellery this week.
Miley was photographed by @lynncatwalters , whilst out shopping at Saks 5th Ave in Michigan for this Marsha Archer necklace.

Lynn tweeted these pics, and had nothing but really nice things to say about Miley and also hinted that Miley may be perfoming a show in New York next week (not to be public knowledge) "Miley will rock this Masha Archer bibb at her concert in New York next week"

According to @MileyLiamMate, local NYC stations: Z100, Q104.3, 106.7 FM, Power 105.1 & 103.5 KTU might be giving out ticket to Miley's concert, which could possibly be the concert the winner of Mileys Myspace Karaoke competition will attend.

Check out @LynnCatWalters tweets below:

Miley & Me!Just had the absolute pleasure of meeting the UNDivaish Miley Cyrus @Saks 5th Ave~Troy,Mi Masha Archer necklace

Miley will rock this Masha Archer bibb at her concert in New York next week She's a sweetheart! http://twitpic.com/2j4fdr

YES! http://twitpic.com/2j4h73 Miley Cyrus live Saks 5th Ave,Troy,MI in her @MashaArcher bibb show thru tomorrow

She [Miley] is the nicest UNDiva And a real young LADY!

I may be clueless but possibly a surprise in New York next week involving a lovely lass....Will keep u posted #MileyCyrus

She doesn't like to smile in candid pics and she was really sweet about doing it

She is Real and totally nice F those idiots..It's the Climb!

Thanks @lynncatwalters & @mileyliammate

26 Aug 2010

E! News - Miley & Liam split up.

E! News report on the Liam & Miley break up.
Marc Malkin says Liam has been reportedly hooking up with other girls, but insists it was after the breakup, and Miley and Liam have been broken up for a while.

Rumors have been that Miley has been hooking up with co-star Adam Sevani, but that's not true.
Mileys busy concentrating on her work and is very much single.

LOL set pics!

It's been a while, but we have some new Miley on set pics, YAY!
Don't know when these are from but they have surfaced today.

She looks like she's enjoying herself and the pic with Tanz is adorable.

Thanks @beautifulballad

22 Aug 2010

Miley fan meetings

Miley took some time out of her shopping trip today in Somerset, Detroit (Aug 21st) to pose with some lucky fans.
Everyone looks so pretty!
Here are also some tweets of fans meetings from twitter.

tracylovepink Miley Cyrus came into my store today! I got her some shoes and rang her up. She said she's in town working on a movie, she was a nice girl!

KaitlynDallo she hugged me&I kissed her on her cheek&she kissed me back on my cheek! I was so happy I was like byee miley love you!

Katy Perry on Miley "I think she's hot!"

Katy Perry has spoken up about her love for Miley again.

At the listening party, Perry joked that the video -- which also showed a Gummy Bear flipping Perry off -- was "as innocent as Miley Cyrus."

Speaking of whom, Perry said she approves of Cyrus' controversial move this year to go from teen-pop queen to a sexier, more grown-up artist.

"She knows exactly what she's doing. I think a lot of pop girls who come from a bit of a controlled (thing) -- Nickelodeon or whatever it is -- they always feel the need that they've got to shed their skin, and bloom again, and butterfly, or peacock, or whatever. I love her. And I think she's hot. I like what she's doing. She's a smart little cookie."


20 Aug 2010

Ashley Greene loves a Party In The USA

Ashley Greene was spotted dancing away to Mileys Party In The USA, whilst attending a Jonas Brothers Road Dogs game yesterday.
Miley seems to have rubbed off well on Ashley, I wonder if Ashley has managed to convert Miley into a Twilight fan yet?

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6 Aug 2010

Miley & Demi still great friends!

A recent source told us that Miley & Demi weren't friends anymore, but Demi put these rumors to rest and said in an interview a few days ago that they were still friends

"Me and Miley are great friends, we love to hang out when we arent busy. But she is doing a Movie right now so we arent hanging out but we call eachother every week!"

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4 Aug 2010

Dave Days & Miley pics

Dave Days uploaded pics of him & Miley from when they shot their Youtube video together.
They're so cute!
Direct link to facebook album

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Miley fan meetings

Some lucky fans got to meet Miley while she was out shopping with her mom yesterday.

Photos from @iiFAMOUS @HaileyOrow & @skate360flip1
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Kylie & Kendall Jenner - Party In The USA

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3 Aug 2010

Be a part of Hannah Montana history!

Be A Part Of Hannah Montana History: Pre-Order the new Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack and have YOUR photo added to the official mosaic and get a free poster and "Ordinary Girl" instantly! Go to www.Disney.com/hannahfanwall to order!

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Mileys waxwork gets a makeover

Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus have been given a makeover to make them appear more mature – in waxwork form.

High School Musical star Zac – who has now starred in films such as 17 Again and Charlie St Cloud – has ditched his original basketball strip for a suit and tie, while Miley – who has also hit the big screen with her role in The Last Song – has swapped skinny jeans for a more glamorous silver, sequinned dress.

The figures were first unveiled around two years ago at the central London tourist attraction.