9 Nov 2010

Miley is learning 'Street Fighting' for "So Undercover"

Miley told MTV "She's basically this chick who grows up as a super tomboy, and she's an FBI agent and gets thrown into a bunch of girls that she doesn't understand because she's been around her dad, who's been in the FBI his whole life," Cyrus told us in Madrid. "And basically, by having to go undercover and be someone that she's not, she kind of finds the person she is, because she realizes she doesn't have to carry the weight on her shoulder of what her dad was, and she can be her own person."

Production on "So Undercover" begins in December, which means that, between now and then, Cyrus is only going to get tougher and tougher — and that's bad news for anyone who's thinking of crossing her.

"I want to learn how to do most of my own stuff," she smiled. "Just for normal life, I think every woman should know a little self-defense."


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