30 Mar 2011

Miley's Interviews on 2day FM

Miley talks to the Fifi and Jules show on Sydney's 2Day FM (March 29).

Miley says she's been working out in preperation for tour and that she's looking forward to travelling and getting to see more of Australia then she did last time.

She talks about her Miley & Max fashion line and which type of jeans she prefers on a guy ( for the record, she says "
Liam wears baggy jeans, I personally like baggy jeans, it's more manly", but she also likes skinny jeans because "I like little punk rock boys too").

Miley's confrontation with the paps is also brought up, to which she says she "
would love to be able to give them a real big punch" "I'd love to take it outside, but you're not allowed!".

Snippet of interview with Kyle and Jackie O.
Miley confesses that she is no longer single! "I may or may not be single"
revealed that she is still friends with her Aussie ex Liam.

Miley also talks about Billy Ray's appearance on The View last week, to which she says of it "everyone makes mistakes, just because your a Dad or a Mom doesn't mean you that you don't , just cos your'e a parent doesn't mean you're supposed to stop learning".
"I knew we'd get to a point where we'd all be happy again."

Hot30Countdown interview.
Miley talks about her visit to Australia for New Year in 2009/10 with Liam, her tattoos (she gets one after every movie she does), reveals she wants to pet a kangaroo and that Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett inspire her, not because she wants to make the same music as them because she loves making dance music.

Links to her other interview:
Kyle and Jackie O full interview

Miley and Braison Get Ice Cream

Miley gets ice cream with brother Braison in Toluca Lake last night (March 29)

29 Mar 2011

Miley on 2DayFM in Sydney.

Miley Cyrus has confessed that she is no longer single!

In an exclusive chat with Kyle and Jackie O she revealed that she is still friends with er Aussie ex, but she has definitely moved on.

Miley is on her way to Oz soon for her first world tour, and is set to bring her new man along.


28 Mar 2011

Miley and Family Grab Coffee

Miley, along with Tish, Billy Ray and Noah at Coffee Bean on Sunday (March 27).
Nice to see them out together as a family again :)

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26 Mar 2011

Miley Tour Pics

And Miley's twitter pic in HQ just as a bonus ;)

Pics from Miley's upcoming Corazon Gitano tour promo.


25 Mar 2011

Miley Wants You To Get Ur Good On for Global Youth Service Day!

Miley and her partners at Youth Service America want you to Get Ur Good On for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2011. GYSD is April 15-17 this year. You can find project ideas here: http://bit.ly/fLKMhe. Get involved now! http://gysd.org/

Miley Gets Gas

Miley gets some gas yesterday (March 24) in West Hollywood.

Tickets for Miley's Corazon Gitano Tour have already gone on sale for Peru. Did any of you manage to get some? You can still buy them here.

Tickets for Ecuador go on sale tomorrow (March 26)! More info here


21 Mar 2011

Miley's 'Corazón Gitano Tour'

Promo pic for Miley's upcoming tour which is entitled "Corazón Gitano Tour" which translates as the "Gypsy Heart Tour", in which she will visit South America, Australia and Asia.

Miley says of the tour "The Gypsy Heart tour is a dream come true. Not only because of all the beautiful cities I will get to visit, but all of the beautiful people I will get to meet. Gypsy Heart is not just a tour for me, but a mission to spread love."

Tour dates have started to be released with the first 2 South American dates as below:
April 29 2011: Quito, Ecuador at Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa.
May 1 2011: Lima, Peru at
Explanada del Monumental

May 17 2011: Caracas,Venezuela at Simón Bolívar University

May 19 2011: Bogota, Colombia at Parque Simon Bolivar
May 26 2011:
Foro Sol, Mexico City
June 21 2011: Brisbane, Australia at
the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
June 23 2011: Melbourne, Australie at the Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
June 26: Sydney, Australia at the Acer Arena

June 29 2011 : Adelaide, Australia at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre
July 2 2011: Perth, Australia at the Perth Burswood Dome

Miley will also be playing in the Philippines at the SM Mall of Asia on June 17 (source)

Movistar Pre-Sale for Venezuela: Thursday, March 31st at 10AM - Friday, April 1st at 10PM
General sale for Venezuala: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at 10AM

Fans with Visa Credit, Debit or Prepaid cards can gain access to presale tickets through Visa Entertainment. Advance tickets across all seating categories will be available from 12noon Monday 4 April until 5pm Thursday 7 April or until tickets sell out at www.visaentertainment.com.au.

Tickets to the general public in Australia for The Gypsy Heart tour will go on sale on Tuesday 12 April from Ticketek ticketek.com.au or 132 849

Tickets for Mexico will be available for Banamex card holders April 4th and 5th, and for non card holders on April 6th; tickets will be available through Ticketmaster, Mixup, Gandhi, Liverpool, by phone 3259000 or at ticketmaster.com.mx

Buy Tickets:
Peru - Sold out
- http://www.ecutickets.ec/

Check out a few unreleased pics from Miley's tour promo here.

Keep checking back to Miley's offical Facebook for more official tour news.

19 Mar 2011

Miley Goes Shopping With Noah

Miley along with younger sister Noah at the Beverly Center on Friday (March 18) in Los Angeles.
The two girls had bought items from Aldo, Louis Vuitton, and AllSaints.

Love how Miley arrived in one outfit and left in a completely different one!

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18 Mar 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus On 'The View'

Billy Ray on The View today (March 18). Billy talks about how he's no longer going through with his divorce; "I want to put my family back together."
He says he feels like his and Miley's relationship is back to how it was before Hannah Montana.
I think for the first time me and my whole family are really communicating with each other. Things are really the best they’ve ever been,”

He admits he has made a lot of mistakes while trying to parent his children, such as trying to hard to be a friend towards his children maybe more so than a father.

Billy also mentions how Miley sent him a picture last night, where it looked like she had been possibly crying, when he asked what was wrong, it turned out to be that she was upset about how the media had made her out to be drunk in the pics of her leaving Chateau Marmont
earlier this week.
She told Billy: "Daddy I wasn't, I had a meeting with Dr Luke, I came out and there were so many papparazi and I couldnt' see, I held my hand up to block the flashes, I couldn't see to take a step [...] it's embarassing, it's a lie"

So heartbreaking to hear how upset she gets over what heartless gossip bloggers will make up. Just goes to show how much it really does affect her.

Miley Sends Her Love To Her Fans In Japan

"I love them" Miley says of her Japanese fans whilst out with Tish yesterday (March 17) after getting her nails done.
She's so cute trying not to mess up her nails as she walks.

Thanks @beautifulballad

Miley Out With Her Mom & Mammie

Miley out shopping in Toluca Lake yesterday (March 17) with Tish and Mammie.
These pics are super adorable, and it's nice to see Mammie again.

In other news this week;

Billy Ray Cyrus has called off his divorce with Tish. (source)

E! have just reported that Bret Michaels has said that Miley will be releasing her cover of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" later this year. (

Miley and her family are moving out of their Toluca Lake home. (source)

Plus, keep voting for Miley in the KCA's here, FHM's '100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011' here and q102's Teen Queen here.

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