14 Feb 2011

Miley Goofs on Lady Gaga's Egg Stunt

It was only a matter of time before someone cracked on Lady Gaga's egg arrival at tonight's Grammys.

Take it away, Miley Cyrus!

"I'm doing the egg next year, for sure," Ms. Miley just told me as she headed into the Grammys. "It's going to a pink one—an Easter one with all the fun colors."

Seriosuly, would Cyrus ever do the egg thing? "Um, no," she assured me. "No."

But then she turned to her mother, Tish. "Maybe I'll do it one day and my mom could carry me...Wait, she kind of did that already! I've already been there and done that, Gaga—18 years ago."

Meanwhile, Cyrus tells me she has no acting gigs in the works right now. She's going back to full-time music. "No movies lined up," she said. "I'm going on tour."

Hey, maybe she could borrow Gaga's egg for that.


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