14 Feb 2011

Miley At The Grammys (Videos)

CBS: Miley talks about being in Never Say Never and perfecting her "Justin Bieber hair flip"

TvGuide: Miley talks about "The Miley Cyrus Show" on SNL and how she thinks it's "pretty cool!".
She also talks about Sex And The City prequel and her dreamcatcher tattoo.

E!: Miley on Glam Cam 360.

Miley confirms she's going on tour later this year!

Miley presenting with Kings Of Leon for Best Country Award

MTV: Snooki interviews Miley.
Miley says she's dressing up as the Nanny for Halloween!

E!: Ryan Seacrest interviews Miley on the Grammys red carpet.
Miley says LOL should be released sometime near the end of the year.

Miley on the red carpet

Thanks @oxmileylovexo @TeamMileyNY & @musicalmate @LoveHeartMiley

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