28 Apr 2011

Miley Interview "Diario el Comercio" (Ecuador)

Miley gives a interview to an Ecuador radio station talking about her tour which she kicks off tomorrow night (April 29) in Quito, Ecuador.
It's difficult to hear what Miley says over the translator, but @ has translated some of it (thankyou!)

Miley said she choose the name Gyspy Heart Tour because ever since she was little her family has always been on the road touring, moving around from place to place, like gypsys & her life really hasn't just been in one solid spot and Gypsy Heart Tour really fit her perfectly. She's always gonna be touring & cant stay in 1 place for a long time.

Miley talked about Billy Ray (I think she said he's in LA right now), her lack of Spanish, and how she doesn't like people knowing her personal life, like for instance who she's dating.
Miley also goes on to say there will never be another Hannah Montana Tour again (which I'm pretty sure was a given anyway).

Thanks @x0lifesgood0x & @miley_JaMS

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