30 Apr 2011

Miley Celebrates "World Wish Day"

Such a sweet video <3

Miley granted wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to some of her biggest fans, 14 children with life-threatening medical conditions, in celebration of the upcoming "World Wish Day" on Friday, April 29.

The eager group of wish kids were chauffeured in limos and flown "in style" across the United States and Austria to "Tinsel-town" to meet with the acclaimed singer and actress who begins her Gypsy Heart concert tour on World Wish Day in Quito, Ecuador.

Miley afforded each of her young fans a one-on-one meeting and photo-op where kids sang their favorite Cyrus songs, presented scrapbooks and delivered hand-made gifts to Miley.

Immediately following their highly-anticipated meet-and-greet, Miley's fans were invited by the star to a rehearsal session on the sound-stage.


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