30 Apr 2011

Gypsy Heart Tour - Quito, Ecuador (Videos)

Miley explains why she was so emotional during Every Rose

"... make it all worth the people that are negative, it's really hard sometimes and you guys are the reasaon I come out here on stage every night so, I want to thank you for always loving me and being here and supporting me and, you guys singing Every Rose really meant a lot to me, so thank you guys so much"

Videos in order of setlist

Liberty Walk and Party In The USA


Kicking and Screaming

End of Kicking and Screaming + Miley says hello to Ecuador.

Joan Jett Medley - I Love Rock N' Roll, Cherrybomb and Bad Reputation

Every Rose

Every Rose

Forgiveness and Love

Fly On The Wall (HQ)

7 Things (HD front row)

7 Things


Cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit (HD)

Can't Be Tamed (upclose HQ)

Can't Be Tamed (HD)


Take Me Along

The Climb

The Climb (HD Front row)

See You Again

My Heart Beats For Love (short clip)

Short clips of Liberty Walk, 7 Things & My Heart Beats For Love (LQ)

Who Owns My Heart (HD)

Only missing Kicking and Screaming, Obsessed and Two More Lonely People.

I will be updating this post throughout the day with the whole set, so keep checking back for more videos/better quality videos as they become available.

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