19 Oct 2010

Miley is coming to Brazil and touring Europe!!

News is that Santher, the company who is bringing Miley Cyrus to Brazil, gave a press conference to reveal the details of Mileys upcoming promo trip to Brazil.
Those were the main points:
  • Miley visit will be during the first semester of 2011.
  • Miley is coming to promote SYM, a liners and pads brand. The company chose her because, like their clients, Miley is doing the transition from "young teen" to "woman". The campaign isn't targeted to Hannah Montana viewers but older girls, between 15 and 19 years old.
  • Her visit will include a huge party (hence the Festa no Brazil, Party in Brazil, videos) in which she'll do a small concert for promotion winners. Sixty girls will be selected to go to the party and they can bring friends.
  • Miley will be interrupting her EUROPEAN TOUR to come to Brazil. This means SHE WILL BE TOURING IN 2011.
  • Her visit is a partnership between Santher, the company that owns the SYM brand, and Google Latin America. Fans will be able to see lots and lots of videos of her visit via Youtube, which is part of Google.
  • The visit will only last two days (and she'll go back to Europe to continue the tour). It'll happen between April 30th and June 15th (the exact date will be confirmed soon).
  • The fact she won't be doing any concert in Brazil during her visit is a bummer for Brazilian fans. The good news is Brazil is one of the most enthusiastic markets when it comes to Miley and her management is giving priority to the country. So Brazilian fans can expect her to come to Brazil more times during the year.
  • Starting November 1st, fans can upload videos of them performing Miley songs to Youtube. Miley herself will upload responses to the videos. The three most viewed videos will perform live to her.
  • A bunch of exclusive videos of her were shown during the press conference. Those videos will be uploaded soon to Youtube.
Sad for Brazil that they won't get a public concert, but hopefully the rumors of the Rock In Rio in 2011 will turn out to be true for you guys!
But, awesome news for European fans!

Thanks MileyBr, UOL and Veja & AnythingDisney

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