12 Oct 2010

Miley confronts paparazzi again

Miley confronts a female paparazzo today in Toluca Lake.
Miley even goes as far as pulling the camera down from the woman.

I'm glad Miley puts her foot down and confronts them from time to time as they need to be put in their place. Miley is normally pretty chill with them, but this isn't the first time she's had to step in and tell them to presumably "back off".

Source (+ 17 pics) Thanks @NoraCyrus


  1. i love miley! she's sticking up for herself<3

  2. im glad for miley :) i love miley for life :) shes my luvie :D

  3. i love miley so much. i know miley has gone off the rails a bit but why should that honestly take away from all she has achieved? I LOVE HER FOR LIFE SHES M'GIRL <3