14 Oct 2010

Demi defends Miley

FF 2 mins.
Access Hollywood caught up with Demi at the AMA nomination press conference.
The interviewer barely gets a word in edgeways, as she tries to get Demi to comment on what she thinks of Miley recently "getting into trouble with fans and the parents tv council" for her Who Owns My Heart video.

"Miley has tried to breakaway..."
"She's my bestfriend, so you best watch out"
"I think she looks stunning and I will defend her 100% for the rest of my life"
"So you don't think she's....what's the word they're using.."
"Like I said, she's my best friend and I'll defend her for the rest of my life"

Love their friendship so much!

Thanks @ItsMiam @Milesfan19 & @MileyLiamLove

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