6 Jun 2010

Rock In Rio - Madrid videos.

Joan Jett Medley - Thanks @TeamCyrus

I Love Rock n' Roll (Full) - Thanks @SLCyrus & @Jacquelinerose7

When I Look At You ft David Bisbal - Thanks @YouSmileNow

Robot - Thanks @NoraCyrus

Can't Be Tamed & Breakout - Thanks @NoraCyrus

7 Things

Party In The USA - Thanks @NoraCyrus

My Heart Beats For Love - Thanks @NoraCyrus

The Driveway - Thanks @NoraCyrus

Simple Song - Thanks @Jacquelinerose7

See You again - Thanks @tina_3192 & @Jacquelinerose7

Fly On The Wall - Thanks @tina_3192 & @Jacquelinerose7

These Four Walls - Thanks @tina_3192 & @Jacquelinerose7

1 comment:

  1. In my heart beats for Love I love how she randomly says "thank you" at the end [=