20 Jun 2010

Miley during 10 Hour Hairdo, Liam arrives & spends afternoon

Miley Cyrus arrives at 12 noon at Gemini 14 Hair Salon. Momma Tish arrives to see her daughter,and departs a few hours later.
Australian actor and Miley boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth arrives and spends the afternoon and most of the evening in the salon.
Finally almost 10 hours later Miley departs escorted by a dozen policemen, her security and her crew. By now hundreds of people are startled to see her head covered by her sweater. A few of her young fans try to pull it off. Miley did have her security bring in some fan items for her to sign, nice gesture.
Miley Cyrus arrives at "The David Letterman Show" wearing the same sweater as yesterday and a hat to cover her 10 hour hair salon cut. Miley signs a few autographs gets booed by photogs for not posing and steps inside.
The show ends and we get to see Miley's hair as she signs for lots of fans.

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