18 Jun 2010

Miley returns the love for Kristen Stewart!

Miley was recently criticized for coming off too sexy for her age while performing songs from her new album, "Can't Be Tamed." "You don't make music for other people, you make it for yourself," she told "Extra's" AJ Calloway. "If you don't like it, get over it!"

And while Cyrus wouldn't comment specifically about the recent Perez Hilton photo, which allegedly showed the sing in a short skirt with little on underneath, Miley did say, "Everyone wants to take the bigshot down. It's cause people wanna knock down the people who are finally standing up."

There is one thing this teenager has a fixation on: Kristen Stewart. "I loooove Kristen Stewart. I'm a huge fan!" gushed Miley. "I'm obsessed with Kristen Stewart."

When Calloway admitted he was slightly addicted to "Twilight," Cyrus said, "You like 'Twilight'? Oh my lord, you're not a 16 year-old girl!"


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