1 Jun 2010

Miley in VIVA magazine

Mileys interview with Argentina's VIVA magazine .

How do you react to bad publicity?

'I know the entertainment industry is going to treat me badly. It happened to me when I first started Hannah Montana. The problem is that before there weren't so many paparazzi and the news was nor as scattered as much as now with the Internet. That's why I decided to suspend my twitter account. If I want privacy, why am I going to be telling the world what I'm doing every minute?'

Do you talk to your parents about how to handle fame?
'My dad and I are very close. He knows that everyone makes mistakes and that are part of my growth. He doesn't tell me what to do or not to do. He listens to me and, if I ask, he gives his opinion. But he has an attitude of 'I don't care' that I inherited.'

Now what do you want to do?
'At this moment I want to act. I will not always be a singing package plus acting. I'm not more interested in musicals. Wait, music is the most important thing in my life, but I want to separate it from other activities.'

Everything alright with Liam? 'Yes..'

I wasn't asking you about your relationship with him. It's because in the film you two have a passionate kiss that looks very real.
'I believe in spontaneous kiss. But in the movie is all planned in detail. We shot that scene for two days because we needed the light that was between 6:00 and 6:20 PM. As it is a story of Sparks, the Love is portrayed better than it is in real life. I believed in fairy tales as a kid, but not anymore. I have feelings, I have a heart, but I'm not romantic.'

Where does your heart point to now?
'My heart is in my house in the countryside, in Nashville. I'm pretty butch, I love being outdoors, horseback riding and riding a motocross.. If you are a person who is interested in hearing my story, my memories, my house, you're invited.'

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