17 May 2011

Miley Gets A New Tattoo In Brazil!

(translated via google, so not perfect)
The new tattoo is done by Fabio Satori, who spoke about the new art. “I received a call at 11 am on Sunday saying the team wanted Miley tattooing. I went to the hotel around 15hrs"

While he prefers not to reveal what the design of Miley's tattoo, Fabio said "You will see what it is,but a little chat with Miley and she does "Remember to always set your feet on the ground."

Did it hurt? From the pictures, we would think so, right? "She has other tattoos, so is more experienced. Miley joked the whole time doing face of pain," said Fabio.

The tattoo artist Fabio Satori was still full of praise for Miley. "She is an ordinary girl, sweet andbeautiful voice. She has an incredible relationship with her ​​mother."

Can't wait to see what it is!


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