30 Mar 2011

Miley's Interviews on 2day FM

Miley talks to the Fifi and Jules show on Sydney's 2Day FM (March 29).

Miley says she's been working out in preperation for tour and that she's looking forward to travelling and getting to see more of Australia then she did last time.

She talks about her Miley & Max fashion line and which type of jeans she prefers on a guy ( for the record, she says "
Liam wears baggy jeans, I personally like baggy jeans, it's more manly", but she also likes skinny jeans because "I like little punk rock boys too").

Miley's confrontation with the paps is also brought up, to which she says she "
would love to be able to give them a real big punch" "I'd love to take it outside, but you're not allowed!".

Snippet of interview with Kyle and Jackie O.
Miley confesses that she is no longer single! "I may or may not be single"
revealed that she is still friends with her Aussie ex Liam.

Miley also talks about Billy Ray's appearance on The View last week, to which she says of it "everyone makes mistakes, just because your a Dad or a Mom doesn't mean you that you don't , just cos your'e a parent doesn't mean you're supposed to stop learning".
"I knew we'd get to a point where we'd all be happy again."

Hot30Countdown interview.
Miley talks about her visit to Australia for New Year in 2009/10 with Liam, her tattoos (she gets one after every movie she does), reveals she wants to pet a kangaroo and that Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett inspire her, not because she wants to make the same music as them because she loves making dance music.

Links to her other interview:
Kyle and Jackie O full interview

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