18 Mar 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus On 'The View'

Billy Ray on The View today (March 18). Billy talks about how he's no longer going through with his divorce; "I want to put my family back together."
He says he feels like his and Miley's relationship is back to how it was before Hannah Montana.
I think for the first time me and my whole family are really communicating with each other. Things are really the best they’ve ever been,”

He admits he has made a lot of mistakes while trying to parent his children, such as trying to hard to be a friend towards his children maybe more so than a father.

Billy also mentions how Miley sent him a picture last night, where it looked like she had been possibly crying, when he asked what was wrong, it turned out to be that she was upset about how the media had made her out to be drunk in the pics of her leaving Chateau Marmont
earlier this week.
She told Billy: "Daddy I wasn't, I had a meeting with Dr Luke, I came out and there were so many papparazi and I couldnt' see, I held my hand up to block the flashes, I couldn't see to take a step [...] it's embarassing, it's a lie"

So heartbreaking to hear how upset she gets over what heartless gossip bloggers will make up. Just goes to show how much it really does affect her.

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