6 Mar 2011

Miley On SNL (Videos)

Charlie Sheen skit featuring Miley as Lindsay Lohan

Miley's Opening Monologue.

Miley as Fergie on the Black Eyed Peas parody skit.

Miley impersonates Justin Bieber on "The Miley Cyrus Show"

FF 0.15 Miley in The Disney School Of Acting

FF 0.20 Miley in The Sound Of Music skit.

FF 0.15 Les Jeunes de Paris skit

FF 0.20 Facial Cream skit with Kristen Wiig.

Miley as Vanessa Hudgens in a Beastly parody skit with Andy Samberg.

FF 0.20 Miley in a cruise ship skit.

Will update with HQ videos when available.
Alternatively you can download the full show (watch in VLC player, which is free to download)
alternative d/l if above link not working:
alternative download 1
alternative download 2
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