15 Jan 2011

What's next for Miley?

The final episode ever of Hannah Montana airs this Sunday on Disney Channel and Miley will officially leave her alter ego behind. After four seasons, 98 episodes, a full-length movie and a 3-D concert film, Miley will be hanging up her blond wig for good.

So what's next for Miley?
As we know she has several movies in the works, LOL with Demi Moore and Ashley Greene, So UnderCover, which is currently being filmed in New Orleans, as well the thriller Wake, based of the book by Lisa McMann, which Miley's name has been dropped into in a recent interview with the director.
Even more recent is the news of Rock Mafia's The Big Bang being made into a movie. They recently held a meeting with Miley's mom Tish. Read more about that here.

MTV are also still reporting on the rumored Miley and Nick duet, but we're still unsure about how true that rumor is. Time will tell.


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