15 Jan 2011

Miley out and about in Nola & So Undercover extras share their experiences

Pics of Miley with Denika and friend being all touristy is New Orleans on Friday (Jan 14th ).

There were a lot of extras on set of "So Undercover" today (Jan 15th) and have been sharing their experiences via twitter:

: is sooo funny!! She was dancing all day and constantly slapping Megan parks butt while laughing..

: is miley punching a drunk dude considered action? (RE: has miley filmed any action scenes yet?)

: was an extra on set today in "So Undercover". Read about her day:

: So I got there at like 7:30 and we took a shuttle to the extras tent & sat there for like 45 mins. then we walked to the actual set. The setting was a college frat/sorority party & there was a bunch of spacewalks so look out for that scene in the movie (it's towards the end).

So first I was paired with some guy and we had to walk on the sidewalk back and forth and we did that for like an hour (PS spacewalks are those inflatable bouncy things..) then I got put in the middle of the fair and had to walk back and forth with a bunch of people & I passed the camera like 50 times so I better be in it lol & at that point I think Miley was in front of me but I didn't recognize her.
Anyway then I sat down for like an hour waiting for the director to start filming again and they came and reassigned us our places and put me by the "Greek Week" sorority sign in sheet booth and I had to walk from there to the other side of the place.

So I'm standing there and Miley walks right in front of me for the scene :I she was wearing boots, blackish pants, a pink & white flannel shirt with a grey/black leather looking jacket on with long hair. I died a little inside and then we started shooting. I walked literally 3 feet next to her in every take but I couldn't talk to her cause she was talking to the director most of the time in between takes and the only other person I recognized was Denika and I thought about saying hi but she looked pissed and I didn't want to freak her out because it would be pretty weird that I knew who she was lol and we did the scene like 50 times and then it ended.

The scene where I walk right by her is when she's standing behind a spacewalk giving some notebook/laptop looking thing to a guy and then we finished and went back to the tent. back at the tent they had a raffle to win gift cards & a stuffed animal "Crawdaddy" (mascot of the college) signed by Miley & a sweatshirt with the fake school's logo on it and that was signed by Miley....of course I won none of that stuff lol but then we left and that's it. they told us the whole plot & the ending so the movie won't be a surprise for me anymore lol ANYWAY that's it.
And they said the actors that had to be there today were Miley & some other guy that plays the FBI agent so i don't think Kelly was there.
And on an unimportant note I watched Miley slap some girl's ass in between takes if anyone cares lol.
The director said that this movie was the greatest thing that Miley has ever done but I think he was a little biased lol

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