28 Jan 2011

Mileyworld video + Jeremy Piven talks about Miley

Miley uploaded a video on Mileyworld earlier this week from the set of So Undercover.

Miley explains this is her last week and a half left of filming for this film.
Miley also talks about the wrap party they had last week and how her and co-star Jeremy Piven got up on stage and played drums alongside her singing 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll'.

Although the film has been a lot of hard work, Miley thinks it's all been worth it."I've had an awesome time shooting this movie," "I'm excited for you guys to see it, really digging it. I wanted to tell you guys I love you ... peace."

Also a video of Jeremy Piven who was interviewed at Sundance, in which he shares his experience of working with Miley and the late night filming they did and states "She's a force".

Thanks @beautifulballad

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