6 Sep 2010

Miley & Ashley clubbing in Paris

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Miley and Ashley let their hair down whilst in Paris on Sunday night and head up to the VIP Room in Paris.
Miley looks to be having a good time, and I really like Miley and Ashleys friendship, they seem to be getting on really well.


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  1. Miley's going to be 18 soon & I honestly don't see anything wrong with going out & dancing with a friend. There are many clubs that let 18 year olds with special wristbands (that only mean that you're underage & can't buy any alcoholic drinks). I'm 19 & live in Las Vegas & on certain nights clubs will do that. Plus, in Europe their age limits on things are different. The legal drinking age over there along with almost every other country, is 18 (not that she's drinking here, but I'm just saying).